Government pays Native Extremists who promote Criminal Behaviour

by Gary McHale - The Regional

July 7, 2010

CANACE has learned that the Federal Government is funding native groups in Canada that promote terrorism and crimes against non-native businesses. In a letter from the Department of Canadian Heritage the government confirmed payments to Redwire Media from 2002 to 2010 totalling $1.1 million.

Redwire Media came to our attention recently because a group known as Red Power United was threatening to block the 403/401 highways if the government didn't exempt native people from the new HST at point of sale. Of course, both the McGuinty and Harper Governments caved into this threat and Ontario is now the only province in Canada where natives are exempt from the HST at source.

Redwire Media produces a magazine and in their Oct. 2007 edition they provided detailed instructions on how to "Destroy and Burn Bridges", "Disable Heavy Machinery", "Burn Machinery", "Deter Snowmobiling", "Close Roads", "Destroy Power Lines", "Plug Drainage Pipes" and how to make Molotov cocktails.

This same edition provided details on how to perform these criminal acts without leaving evidence. These instructions include details such as where not to park, not to carry personal ID or cell phones and how to dress to blend in. The magazine reminds native radicals not to leave at the crime scene the following: flashlights, gum, cigarette butts, urine, spit, finger prints or boot prints, hair or skin samples and they are told to keep contaminated clothing and tools at home.

These radicals are instructed not to talk about their activities on the phone or internet and not to purchase tools or equipment with debit cards or allow themselves to be caught on CCTV video. The edition suggests additional reading they should do in order to 'study and train'.

The magazine called for Indigenous communities across Canada to take action on June 24, 2010 which included a call for "blockades, occupations, rallies, or economic disruptions, in addition to spiritual ceremonies and community gatherings". The stated goal of these blockades/rallies is to get "Canada to comply with our right to say no to all activities on Indigenous territories that commodity the sacred: air, land, water, animals, plant and genetic materials, and our traditional ecological knowledge."

The problem with this view is that there are some even on Six Nations who believe all of Turtle Island [North America] is Indigenous land. Thus, they want the right to say 'no' to any activities even on privately owned land.

In the Sept. 2009 edition there is an image of an altered Canadian Armed Forces recruitment poster which states the following:

"Want a career that's more than just a chance to sell your soul and your people? The Canadian Forces offers: - spiritual enslavement to the same country that is guilty of the genocide of your ancestors!, - a license to kill other brown people, - the perfect path of assimilation."

The altered poster ends stating, "Weak, Lost, Cowardly. Today's Colonial Canadian Forces!! Pawns not 'Warriors' - KKKanada".

In their Nov. 2006 edition they have a story called "A Dozen Ways to De-Colonize". One of their first suggestions is for Native Youth to watch the movie 'V for Vendetta (2005)' which is a movie about blowing up parliament. The magazine states the following about the movie:

"It's a story of inspiring anarchy when V, a lone guerrilla warrior, orchestrates true revolution by fighting the pigs and destroying the government. A mainstream movie, is easy to find, is non-Indigenous but is a contagion of radical ideas, spreading the spirit of liberation and resistance. Viva la Revolucion!"

Another suggestion is for Native Youth to read 'Blood in my eye (1990) by George Jackson' who they say "advanced radical ideas of guerrilla warfare... a fighter and thinker far ahead of his time... George Jackson was an important influence to the Black Liberation Army and the Black Panther Party."

They encourage Native Youth to watch "270 Years of Resistance (1994)" which they state, "is a documentary of the 1990 Canadian siege upon the Mohawk people. This is probably one of the biggest catalysts to radicalize many Native people, especially amongst our young people. Just feeling the rage, pride, and inspiration flow through your veins from watching the resistance of the Mohawk Warriors and the Mohawk Nation against Canadian soldiers and police forces is something we all need to see and remember."

The article encourages Native Youth to read "MNN Mohawk Nation News". Even Native Protesters in Caledonia have spoken out against this so-called news outlet. It is not so much that their news stories promote violence but because they cannot get any facts straight. In their report of Doug Fleming's Town Hall Meeting they stated Doug and I wear uniforms with insignias on them of the Rahowa [Racial Holy War]. The same story stated that Randy Hillier, Conservative MPP, was constantly calling for the "launching of the army against the Indigenous and taking the law into his own hands. no habeas corpus. No civil rights for us."

It is not uncommon for there to be no sense of reality for what is published in some of these Native Media outlets. There is no doubt that the misinformation provided by these sources plays a role in radicalizing Native Youth from the earliest ages.

On the Redwire website they state they have been funded by, "Van City, Honor the Earth Grant, Youth Employment Strategies Canada/Human Resources Development Canada, Canada Council for the Arts, First People’s Cultural Foundation and The Department of Canadian Heritage under the Urban Multipurpose Aboriginal Youth Centres Initiative, Health Canada, as well as donations and Youth Services Canada (HRDC)."

While our society has little problem identifying radical groups that call themselves White Power, we appear unwilling to see the dangers in the same supremacist ideology that is found in many of these Red Power groups. No institute would give grants to a White Power group that then uses the funds to train and promote violence against non-white people.

It is one thing to be proud of your heritage, your people and your culture. It is quite another to target others who are not of your heritage, people or culture.

Redwire Media has been publishing since 1997 and it is hard to imagine that CSIS and/or the government doesn't know they promote criminal behaviour. Why exactly then is your taxpayers' money going to support this material?