Letter - Caledonia mess

The Regional

July 21, 2010

According to Mr. McHale's opinion of July 14, (pg. 7 Regional News) he seems to understand quite easily the Whys, the Whats, the Whens and the Wheres of the "Caledonia Mess" (writer's words) regarding the Government, HDI, Men's Fire Group, Ontario Public Accounts, Native Protesters, Lawyers?  Chiefs? Commissioners" And the Crown?

Special deals, insufficient evidence, blocking and threatening and finally the Turtle Island News about negotiations costing one million, one hundred and thirty one thousand, three hundred and eighty dollars and NO SENSE.

Still confused? That is $1,131,382.00 for one year. Hang in there folks, we've just got started.

Along for the ride,

Rhys Richert,