Letter - Research doesn't support what we are being told

The Regional

July 28, 2010

With all of the research my husband and I have found is disturbing to us and a lot others concerned!

To begin with, solar power is far less efficient in Britain than what we have been told at July 8th meeting. Many of Britain's wind farms regularly operate at well below capacity, and have produced acres of eyesore, for very little gain.

In Ontario, residents of Wolfe Island in St. Lawrence are now rueing the day they allowed the massive wind farm project that has completely altered that once pristine skyline of that jewel of the Thousand Islands. In the case of solar, they do not live in an area that is well suited at all for this kind of power generation. They simply do not receive enough solar radiation to gain a  commercial level.

Another point to keep in mind, until massive subsidies were introduced by the McGuinty Government, there was little interest from the private sector in either solar or wind power. The present market price ofr a kilowatt of power on the open market, is about 3 or 4 cents. Yet the province has guaranteed solar and wind producers 82 cents for that same kilowatt. With this in mind, we will do the math: 82 minus 4 equals 78. That is how large the taxpayer-funded subsidy you are going to be forced to pay to these companies, in order to make these projects fly.

In a nutshell, we as taxpayers are going to lose 78 cents for each and every kilowatt produced under this system. This is something your friendly green power company won't tell you and does not want you to know. Neither will the province for that matter.

More than that, what will happen to those long term contracts when those subsidies are cancelled under a new government? When these companies disappear because the economics their business depend on are changed to the point they have to close up shop. What then???

Many of us have emailed a gentleman, who we were told was coming to meet with us within 10 days of the meeting on July 8th. We still have not got a response from him. We do have phone numbers, this will be the next means for contact.

For any of you that know where Lilac Ridge is on Mt Olivet Rd in Cayuga.... you need to drive by, just so you know exactly where this project will take place. I am sure you would not want the view from your home. I will be drawing up petitions and leaving them in local businesses, we do hope you can help all that you can.... to save our land!

Tracy and John Puharich