Letter - Liberals ignored Six National with majority

The Regional

Aug. 11, 2010

Bob Speller sat as an MP for Haldimand and area from 1988-2004 and for 11 of those years the Liberal Party ruled Canada as a majority Government.

Between 1978 and 1994 Six Nations filed 29 land claims with Canada, so for the entire time Bob Speller sat as an MP for this area as a representative of the Federal Liberal Party there were unresolved land claims in his riding.

In fact, there has been far more time and money spent negotiating this dispute since the Liberals lost power than ever was when they held it.

Perhaps some may have forgotten that in 1924 it was a Liberal government in poser , led by William Lyon Mackenzie King, when the RCMP entered the Six Nations reserve to shut down the traditional government and replaced it with an elected band council under the Indian Act which partially set the stage for the current dispute, so for any member of the Federal Liberal Party to suggest that the current Conservative MP isn't doing enough about the land claims in Haldimand is partisan hypocrisy at its most extreme.

Furthermore, for the president of the Haldimand-Norfolk Federal Liberal Party Association to say "Parliament should be making the decisions, not the prime minister" indicates he has either forgotten, or wants everyone else to forget how Jean Chretien ran things while he was prime minister.

Donald R. Goodbrand