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Kudos for column

Gayle Hagan, Caledonia
Published on Nov 02, 2010

The Sachem

(In response to Neil Dring’s column, ‘Book on Caledonia “nightmare” exposes OPP and government’, October 28)

Thank you, Mr. Dring, for acknowledging your responsibility to expose and report the unacceptable atrocities being committed during the ‘Caledonia situation’.

I add your public comments to the other powerful events of the past week that have restored my faith in the future of our community, our province, our country.

Included are journalist Christie Blatchford’s revealing book Helpless, the Michael Coren Show and a shocking interview with Caledonia resident and victim, Ernie Palmer.

Many people have heard the message before, but now it seems that they are actually listening- a big difference.

The documented exposure of government abandonment and selective OPP policies directed from the top must shake us to the core.

To ignore atrocity is to condone it. It is bad enough to be abandoned by our leaders, but almost worse to be ignored by our fellow citizens, in a town divided. These, so terribly affected, watch as ‘untouched’ residents bask in complacency, congratulating themselves on deliberately staying out of the fray, uninvolved. Is it fear of retaliation, a false sense of security or trust, apathy, or in some cases selfishness that has kept most from thunderously protesting the injustice from the beginning?

To add, I also believe that we have been cleverly manipulated for political purposes, the ‘not on my watch’ theory.

We have been led to believe that complacency buys peace, reinforced by authorities using overt smear tactics against anyone demanding accountability.

Then we have been kept off balance and under control by accusations of racism not committed, the OPP ordered to protect the lawbreakers from those who would dare to protest.

We have been duped!

The erroneous assumption that whites are genetically and inherently racist has created self-imposed guilt and a perfect environment to ensure that political correctness trumps the rule of law and common sense every time.

Changing attitudes may soon mark the end of the cover-ups, the manipulation and the abandonment that has kept us in submission and fear for four years.

Through our newly-elected leaders and our enlightened attitudes, we may still be able to control our destiny as a community.

It is easier to remain silent, but some things are worth fighting for. I applaud your decision to add your voice.