Letter - Questions for the new council

The Regional

November 3, 2010

We have elected a new old council, save two wards and the mayor.  Congratulations to all.

My question is, will this council bring the same tired old rhetoric to the table (that says there is nothing we can do about this or that) or will they move things forward?  You know two tier policing/justice and the boil called DCE and smoke shacks.

Will this council begin to understand?  As Neil Dring has admitted, staying quiet was wrong and only exacerbated a volatile situation.

Will the chamber of commerce continue their apathetic ways or will they support those of us whom are concerned about future generations and the welfare of this county?

Will the CAO realize now that our trips to Queens Park were helpful and not as he said to me, the presentations were good but not helpful? This council under his tutelage was totally ineffective in addressing the violent situation this county was in.  I attribute this to him agreeing with Julian Fantino, David Peterson, Jane Stewart, MacDougal and David Crombie’s tired old garbage– just be patient.

Will this council object to the appointment of Julian Fantino by the Prime Minister to run as a Conservative in the November by-election in Vaughn?  Remember this is the person who allowed the lawlessness to destroy our county. Will the outgoing and incoming councils unite and voice their objection to having Fantino calling the shots at the national level?

Will the people of Haldimand county take the time to email, phone or write Diane Finley and tell her you are vehemently opposed to having this so-called law and order person on any ballot in Canada?

No more excuses from the cowards; democracy hangs in the balance.

M. Kinrade

RCN Ret'd