Conservatives Against Fantino registered as 3rd party in federal by-election

by Gary McHale - The Regional

November 10, 2010

Over the past few weeks I have heard from dozens of conservatives in Haldimand County and dozens more from across Ontario that are outraged that the Federal Conservatives chose Julian Fantino as a candidate after all he has done and/or failed to do in Haldimand. Bill Dietz, a retired RCMP Sgt. living in Caledonia, recently wrote to Diane Finley stating, "What is going on in OUR Party? You know as well as I do, that Julian Fantino was a complete joke as far as law and order in Caledonia and Haldimand County was concerned over the last 3 or 4 years. I see by the news reports that our party and the Prime Minister have welcomed him with open arms. I have been a member for many years, starting with the Reform Party, and I have been a faithful donor. I always believed that WE stood for something above the others - this is a complete and absolutely unacceptable “middle finger” to every citizen who wishes for decency and the Rule of Law and Order.”

As last week's Regional News reported Mrs. Finley didn't respond to Bill Jackson's questions about Fantino's candidacy. For about one month prior to Fantino becoming the candidate Mrs. Finlay repeatedly refused to talk to anyone about the issue. It should be remembered that Mrs. Finley and her husband, who is one of Harper's key advisors and now a Senator, have great influence within the Federal Conservative Party.

Several people have tried to speak to Mrs. Finley prior to Fantino becoming a candidate but like always she refused to speak to anyone about the issue.

There are many reasons why the public, in particular residents of Haldimand County, should unite and stand against Fantino being elected. Not only did the OPP not enforce the law while he was the Commissioner, the OPP targeted law abiding non-natives into order to ensure the people of Ontario didn't find out about what was happening. Christie Blatchford stated, "McHale, Dave Hartless, the Vanderwyks, AnneMarie VanSickle, Bo Chausse - anyone who criticized the government or the OPP had become the enemy."

Regarding the lawlessness Karl Walsh, president of the OPP Association, stated, “I can't forgive them [OPP Brass] for a lot of the approaches they took to this and I think numerous officers got unnecessarily injured, I think people from the general public got unnecessarily injured, I think everybody that was involved in this suffered injuries that could have been avoided had they just stuck to their training, stuck to their policies and stuck to the law. You know, the law doesn't discern colour of skin or ethnic background, and it's not supposed to. Justice is supposed to be blind.”

We also cannot forget that it was Commissioner Fantino who wrote a character reference letter to be used by Clyde Powless in court. This letter was written after Fantino knew Powless had assaulted at least one OPP officer, ordered the hydro tower pulled across Argyle St. and assaulted me. In 2009 a Superior Court Judge ordered Powless to face a criminal charge of assaulting a Police Officer, obstructing a Police Officer and being a member of a riot. OPP Officer Jeff Bird testified that during this riot his “greatest concern was Clyde Powless yelling out, 'Get their gun belts, you cops are ours'."

Blarchford describes Fantino's reference letter this way, “It was extraordinary, and it was now official: Ontario's senior law officer [Fantino] and the head of the second biggest police force in Canada was not only privately targeting and publicly denouncing the victim of an assault, he was also telling a judge it was the victim's fault and singing the praises of the assailant.”

Recently Peter Worthington of the Toronto Sun stated, “It is a horror story for ordinary people who were the victims of thuggery. But it’s a greater horror story for the OPP which behaved with negligence, dereliction of duty and, yes, cowardice. Officers on the job turned a blind eye to people being beaten, homes threatened, curfews imposed, road blocks established. On occasion, the OPP even refused to come to the aid of a fellow officer being beaten.  And now Julian Fantino wants to be a federal MP and cabinet minister. Shame on him for Caledonia, and for his failure to lead.”

We, as a community, cannot sit back and allow Mr. Fantino and/or the Federal Conservative Party to believe that they can fail so miserably to uphold the law and prevent criminal behaviour then run a campaign telling the public they believe in Law and Order. The people of Haldimand County can send a message to the OPP, to Fantino, to Harper and even to McGuinty who will face an election next year that Haldimand cannot be forgotten nor can we be ignored.

As of now Conservatives Against Fantino has been registered with the Ontario Government and also registered as a 3rd party in the Federal by-election. As a 3rd party we can collect donations, but not give out tax receipts and spend money on promoting a political view for or against a candidate - 3rd parties are not political parties nor do they have candidates that they run. It is simply a group that chooses to actively promote their views during an election and will have expenses over $500.

Conservatives Against Fantino seeks to tell the residents of Vaughan to 'Vote NO to FantiNO'. We will print off 60,000 fliers and hold rallies in Vaughan over the next 3 weeks to hand out these fliers. We will car pool in Caledonia and head over to Vaughan on the following dates - Nov. 14, 20, 21, 27, 28. Times will be flexible with different groups going and returning from Vaughan at different times - if interested please contact Merlyn Kinrade (905-765-5131)

Your Help and your Voice is needed. If you cannot join us to hand out fliers then please donate by issuing a cheque to Conservatives against Fantino and sent it to Merlyn Kinrade (46 Kinross St., Caledonia, ON, N3W 1J9).