Letter - Help!

The Regional

November 10, 2010

After reading the Tekawennake/Hewitt interview I find myself somewhat puzzled.

My interpretation of Blatchford's book Helpless, is native thugs attached their Caledonia neighbors while Julian Fantino ordered his officers to turn a blind eye. Meanwhile, the major media continued to ignore the ensuing terrorism as if that were the Canadian way.

Mayor-elect Ken Hewitt's interpretation is, according to his statement: "I haven't seen anything in the book that suggests the natives were wrong in what they've done."

Regardless of what his interpretation of Helpless is, does the mayor elect think that what the natives did to his/our community is acceptable? If the answer is yes, I can see more appeasement coming.

Let the healing begin with an apology from Six Nations elected council, for financially supporting those thugs that terrorized Caledonia, leaving one man with a permanent brain injury, infrastructure destroyed and millions of taxpayer dollars frittered away.


M. Collins