Letter - Not comforting

The Regional

November 10, 2010

The Nov. 3 Teka carries an interview with Mayor Elect Ken Hewitt. He is asked for his thoughts on "Helpless". They include the following: "I'm partially through reading the book and I haven't finished it yet. I haven't seen anything in the book that suggests the Natives were wrong in what they've done."

On page 4 of "Helpless" two senior citizens are terrorized, their car is vandalized, then stolen. By page seven a CHCH crew is assaulted and their camera stolen. By page 17 there's an attempted murder of a police officer, a police vehicle stolen, then returned with all the contents exchanged for assorted stool and urine samples.

There are three possibilities, none of them comforting:

1) The Mayor elect can't read.

2) He subscribes to the Boniface / Fantino / Lewis school of logic.

3) When asked the same question by Bill Jackson, he'll answer differently.

Doug Fleming