Letter - Why is "Helpless" not in library

The Regional

November 17, 2010

"Some books help put things into perspective " - The Sachem Thurs Nov. 11

As I read this article by Joan Miller, I could not believe that "Helpless" by Christie Blatchford was not in the Haldimand Library. This book certainly told it like it is. But then, as I began to think about it, I doubt that it will ever be in the Haldimand Libraries. Not politically correct? Do the library funds come from Council? We have a Mayor-to-be who apparently stated "I haven't seen anything in the book that suggests the natives were wrong in what they've done" and a same old council who will continue to appease. When the toll booth goes up on the bypass next year I can imagine one councillor out there saying, "please, please take it down".

Sadly, Caledonians deserve what they get.

Margaret Howatt