Fantino Won but will Diane Finley?

by Gary McHale - The Regional

December 1, 2010

It is hard to imagine that the Federal Conservative Party, who claims to believe in Law and Order, would pick a candidate who has demonstrated such a lack of concern for the victims of lawlessness and who has a complete contempt for the Rule of Law.

Mr. Fantino actively suppressed the people of Haldimand County in favour of political correctness based on the agenda of the McGuinty government. Even Diane Finley felt compelled to sign a petition in 2009 calling upon the government to remove Fantino as the Commissioner. Numerous times Fantino made it clear that Caledonia was caused by the Federal Government claiming he was the meat in the sandwich - between the Natives and the failure of the Harper Government to solve land claims.

Fantino wilfully targeted people and used the resources of the state to deny non-natives their Charter Rights. Under his leadership he brought in the London Riot Squad to stop people from raising the Canadian Flag but didn't see the need to stop an illegal occupation of Sam Gaultieri's house until after Sam was almost killed. Over the course of 3 years, under his leadership, 5 people were arrested for carrying a Canadian Flag while countless crimes occurred without any arrests.

Fantino allowed occupations at Stirling Woods in Caledonia, the Voortman site in Hagersville, the Valentini site in Hagersville and the subdivision in Cayuga. He allowed the by-pass to be blocked for several days in 2008 and the OPP failed to respond to a Native person with an AK-47 on DCE but waited for him to leave which resulted in a person being shot.

For three years Fantino failed to provide OPP service to the residents on 6th line and allowed the continued harassment of many residents including Dana Chatwell and Dave Brown.

When Clyde Powless was caught on video assaulting several police officers and later attacking me, Mr. Fantino sent out emails blaming me and telling his officers to drop the charge of assaulting a police officer.

Although Fantino was Commissioner from Nov. 2006 to July 2010 and claimed all illegal acts were being investigated, his officers failed to arrest anyone for the six week blockade in 2006, the burning down of the bridge, the attack on the hydro sub-station, numerous acts of threats and intimidation of residents, threatening of the fire department by natives with guns, kidnapping of two OPP officers etc. etc. etc.

Prime Minister Harper embraced Fantino as his personal choice for Vaughan. The Conservative Party set aside their own principles for the sake of gaining additional power. This desire for one additional seat caused the Conservatives to pull out all the big guns to get Fantino elected. Both Mr. Harper and his wife, Laureen, visited Vaughan. Key MPs campaigned for Fantino such as Tony Clement (Minister of Industry) and Bob Nicholson (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada).

While Fantino refused to do any public debates, he did get Don Cherry to do an automatic phone message to the residents on his behalf. Imagine a riding where the candidate has to be controlled so much that you cannot allow him to debate in the presence of the public nor allow him to make his own phone calls.

Even Conservative Senator Mike Duffy helped the campaign by sitting in on a telephone-town hall with Mr. Fantino.

From the beginning the Conservatives and the media stated that it would be a landslide victory for Fantino. I had one reporter tell me that he was set to win by 10,000 votes and the same number was reported in the London Free Press this past Sunday. The media stated that the polls showed him ahead by 20 points. However, he got 49.1% of the vote while the Liberal candidate got 46.6%, a difference of only 2.5.

About 15 residents from Caledonia traveled to Vaughan during the past 3 weekends to hand out fliers regarding Fantino's failures in Haldimand. Conservatives Against Fantino printed off 60,000 fliers and handed out over 52,000 of them. It was a lot of walking in cold weather but very fruitful.

While our goal was to ensure Fantino didn't win, we did create national media regarding the issues in Caledonia. Several conservative websites took a stand against Fantino as theĀ  Conservative candidate which resulted in an open debate within the party. Most conservative websites have not reported on Caledonia since early 2007 so this new found focus on law and order will continue to cause serious questions to be raised within the party.

Furthermore, the Federal Liberal party had to take a position opposing Fantino and his failures in Haldimand. Liberal MPs questioned Diane Finley in the House of Commons regarding her signing the petition. Justin Trudeau created a video hammering Fantino on his views regarding people's Charter Rights based on Fantino's own words in his book - not only does he have little respect for individual citizens' rights, we should remember that he directly threatened both Mayor Trainer and Councillor Grice.

Fantino's win ensures that Liberal MPs will put him under a microscope until the general election next year. We will have an opportunity to feed the Liberals all the evidence regarding how Fantino treated the residents of Caledonia.

Meanwhile, it makes it more difficult for McGuinty to claim Fantino did a great job while the Federal Liberals are hammering him.

Where does this put Diane Finley? Will Haldimand voters take out their frustrations on her? Will Harper make Fantino the new Public Safety Minister and head of the RCMP?

Only time will tell.

Diane Finley is always claiming she is getting results for the people of Haldimand County. She never says what those results are. Since she was elected the number of illegal smoke shops has increased and the RCMP follow exactly the same racist policies as the OPP which is hands off natives who break the law.

Over the next 4 months halls are being rented in Toronto, London and Ottawa to continue to carry the message that both the province and the federal government must end race based policing.

However, we do need your help. Merlyn Kinrade covered all the costs for this campaign against Fantino. Please donate by issuing a cheque to Conservatives against Fantino and send it to Merlyn Kinrade (46 Kinross St., Caledonia, ON, N3W 1J9, 905-765-5131).

We will continue until there is an inquiry exposing the injustices that occurred.