Officials need to read book

Letter - The Regional

January 5, 2011

The year end is here and as I/we reflect, one wonders where the year has gone.

As a community we have much to thankful for including the expose by Christie Blatchford, our own Regional News and most if not all Toronto media outlets.

In spite of all the exposure we still have the Premier, the Provincial Government, the OPP including Haldimand Commander and all levels of Government behaving as thought nothing untoward has happened in Caledonia.

As vulnerable as all these agancies now are, we as Canadians have much to fear.

In the Premier's interview by Nick Dixon on CHTV, when asked if he had read Blatchford's book, he hadn't, but indicated the OPP did a good job as peacekeepers. The native who was shot, Sam Gaultieri, Dave and Dana, the two rapes on DCE and countless others would disagree with the Premier.

Our Prime Minister's appointment of Julian Fantino as a law and order guy went uncontested by our local council. The detachment commander's (Haldimand) comment was that "The unsolicited supportive comments and messages have and continue to buoy detachment officers who always work diligently to protect you from the various malfeasants whom affect our community." Malfeasance (definition) is misconduct, especially by a public official.

The Haldimand detachment commander needs to read Blatchford's book to understand the frustration of most if not all OPP officers involved in Caledonia.

It appears that those that haven't read Helpless, somehow fear the truth.

Those that need to read the book include Harper, McGuinty, Boniface, Fantino, Lewis, Periversoff, Finley and all the other cowards that allowed the insanity to prevail.

M. Kinrade

RCN Ret'd