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John Hardy a true Canadian

Gary McHale, Binbrook
Published on Mar 16, 2011

The Sachem

It appears to be the Canadian way to blame our politicians for everything while refusing to take a stand on issues. Mr. Hardy's recent story 'There is a fifth, often untold, side to the story' is proof of how Canadians sit around waiting for big brother to solve all problems while whining that big brother isn't doing his job.

Democracy isn't a spectator sport where individuals get to sit back and scream at the TV when plays go wrong. Democracy demands that people get involved.

While I will not fault Mr. Hardy for being proud of his community I would point out that any local newspaper in the 1950s in Georgia was doing the same as Mr. Hardy wants done. They too were covering all the church socials, the weddings, the local events while remaining silent on how Blacks were being victimized - it wasn't good for the business community to show photos of Black people being lynched.

Just two weeks ago Christie Blatchford's story in the Globe and Mail was titled 'For sheer abuse of state power nothing touches Caledonia'. A week later Peter Worthington, in the Toronto Sun, endorsed Blatchford's view.

While national media is understanding that Caledonia represents the single greatest abuse of power by police and government in the past 40 years, Mr. Hardy is upset that media chooses to report on the Calgary Stampede and not the Caledonia Stampede.

When the Allies first liberated the death camps in Germany the American general ordered all residents from the local towns to be forced to march through the camps. He did this because many were saying, "I didn't know what was happening".

It appears to be human nature to turn a blind eye to the suffering of other people - whether that is residential schools or the suffering of your neighbours in Caledonia.

For many it is making the next buck or living life wearing rose coloured glasses that is important. For others things like truth, justice and caring for your fellow man is more important than money.

Mr. Hardy claims the Sachem is the only paper to cover the whole story of Caledonia - if so, the paper will have no problem printing this letter.

Mr. Hardy will continue to write to the government and demand people sit at home doing nothing to help solve the problem but that is exactly why it has been five years already.