Radicals Threaten Ottawa Businesses

by Gary McHale - The Regional

March 23, 2011

If anyone thought they lived in a free and democratic society where people are allowed to gather and express their views then the experience of Caledonia has made it clear that only politically correct speech is allowed. Anyone who disagrees with the politically correct view will be shut down by the police, the government and/or the radicals who believe they, and they alone, are the holders of all truth.

We have seen this happen time and again and not just in Caledonia. Christie Blatchford had her University of Waterloo presentation shut down and at other events there were radicals there to call her a racist.  Other conservative speakers have been shut down in Ontario at various events by the same radicals who scream out they support free speech while denying anyone who's views they don't like the right to speak out. Just last week Michael Coren claims that as he spoke at York University he was assaulted by Jesse Zimmerman who earlier in the night had been lead away by the police. According to the Jewish Tribune, in 2009, Zimmerman was formally reprimanded by the university for his role in an  incident in which Jewish students were forced to lock themselves inside a Hillel lounge to escape an anti-Zionist mob.

As you read this, a group of 8 people have already traveled to Ottawa to do a presentation called 'Caledonia: No More Nightmares' at the Parliamentary Archives building. Various residents have been videotaped in order for their view to be presented and Marie Trainer is going to provide an account of her experience as Mayor over the past 5 years.

We will stay two nights in Ottawa to do various media interviews and to speak with various MPs. The trip is been promoted and paid for by the Free Thinking Film Society and the International Free Press Society.

There will be a 45 minute presentation telling how various people in Caledonia have been victimized while the OPP stood by. There will also be a half hour presentation titled 'The Smoking Gun of OPP Corruption' given by me.

In addition, the presentation will end with an appeal to have certain laws changed to ensure property owners are not treated the same way in the future. These changes include both Federal and Provincial legislation to strengthen private prosecutions, stop the interference by the Crown's office and clarify the Police Service Act to ensure police officers are more accountable.

We are asking that the Federal Government to make it a criminal offense for government agents, i.e. OPP officers, to violate someone's Charter Rights.

In the U.S., the Federal government finally had to pass Federal Civil Rights laws after various southern States refused to uphold the law and failed to end their racist policies against Blacks. In the case of Rodney King who, was beaten by several L.A. police officers, 4 LAPD officers were tried in a state court for the beating but were acquitted. The Federal government then stepped in and charged the four officers with violating Mr. King's civil rights which ended with two officers being convicted and sent to prison.

Canada doesn't have any such laws to ensure the police honour the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The OPP and individual police officers do not care whether they violate the Charter since any action against them will be a civil lawsuit for which the government will cover all expenses and pay out any money won in the case. Therefore, there is no cost to individual officers for willfully abusing your rights.

This is where private prosecution comes in because suddenly OPP officers could be facing criminal charges which, if convicted, would end their careers as officers. Although this has had more of an effect on officers than the threat of a civil lawsuit they still do not care much because they know the Crown in Cayuga will cover up for them.

A Federal law, prosecuted in Federal court, would remove the Cayuga Crown from the case and stop any interference the Ontario Government has over the criminal justice system.

Our recommendations have already been privately presented to the leaders of two political parties. Since we are having both Federal & Provincial elections this year there is serious interest by various parties in having a position on how to resolve Caledonia.

Some people ask what we are trying to accomplish by our actions and now I think it is clear for all to see that the final goal, the solution, is the changing of the law so that the Rule of Law is upheld regardless of the Race of people involved. Equality isn't just a word but something that should be honoured by police and government. Violating citizens' freedoms and denying them protection should result in criminal prosecution of police officers.

It is a long term goal and one that we knew years ago would take a long time. Now with various political parties willing to make changes to the law we can see some light at the end of the tunnel.

BUT, and I mean a big BUT, before we get there we have to endure the radicals who want society transformed into their Race based, anti-capitalistic society where we all live amidst a society run by politically correct groups, not based on fundamental principles of equality and justice.

While we have seen these groups actively involved in Caledonia, they have their supporters throughout Canada. A hand full of individuals who see all western societies as inherently evil and therefore they wish to change much of what most Canadians value.

Over the past three weeks these radicals have been actively approaching various businesses in Ottawa who are selling tickets to our event and threatening them that they should watch their backs because they never know when a rock may be thrown through their windows. Ottawa police have been called in and investigations are ongoing.

At the same time these radicals have been emailing various businesses in Ottawa to inform them how racist the various speakers at the event are.

While people in Caledonia have seen these tactics many times, it is quite new to local businesses in Ottawa. Some businesses have stopped selling tickets while other continue.

Democracy isn't Free - you must fight for it.

Join us this Sunday at 1 pm outside the Lion's Hall for our next Truth and Reconciliation Rally.