Letter - Only apology will start the healing

The Regional

June 15, 2011

Students plant healing garden

I question the brain trust at MPSS, as they teach our impressionable youth, that planting a healing garden is acceptable rather than saying I’m sorry. The irony of it all!! What an abysmal attempt to implicate the victims.

Ms. Longboat as an elder and native healer, could have started the healing process over five years ago by renunciation of DCE rather than be part of this illegal occupation.

What will the garden heal? Will it heal the broken trust, the broken homes, the drug and alcohol abuse, the mental anguish, the permanent brain injury and a host of other nasty situations?

The residents of Caledonia need the Six Nation leadership to admit what they allowed to happen was and is totally wrong, and take responsibility for it. After all Six Nations proclaimed more than once, in court, that DCE wasn’t a valid land claim.

The Federal Government apologized for residential schools, which was tantamount in beginning the healing in the native community. To the elected chief and council, do the honorable thing, apologize and let the true healing begin. Helen Miller gets it.

The healing garden is in, now lets adorn it with a peace and reconciliation monument with apologizes inscribed there on by Six Nations, the Provincial Government and the OPP. And let us maintain this in perpetuity, for future generations to ponder and learn that violence is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated.

M. Kinrade

RCN, Ret’d