Letter - Support mayor to do right thing

Regional News

July 20, 2011

Upon noticing some new construction at the south end of Argyle St., and failing to notice a building permit on the site, I phoned Mayor Hewitt. Construction and Caledonia equal a news story, for better or for worse. I offered my uncertainty of the building's intended use. (I don't want to go jumping to conclusions). He replied that it didn't matter. He had a problem with it. He'd been talking to the Province, the OPP and Six Nations but he wasn't getting anywhere.

I was somewhat confused by that. There is no need at this point to consult the above parties. (Six Nations, which doesn't support the construction, need never be consulted.) The county has the authority to order the by-law officer (an agent of the county) to serve a cease and desist order to the builders. The by-law officer can request a police escort (which cannot be refused) if it seems warranted.

I asked the Mayor to do only what he is authorized to do - that the served party may ignore the order does not interfere with the act of serving it. I asked if it could be served by the end of the week (just past). Since it wasn't, I'm obliged to announce a protest. Two of them actually...

1) Sat. July 23, 10 am on the street in front of 8 Blackburn Court. Yes, it's the Mayor's address. You'll notice that the protest is on the street. Under no circumstances is anyone to set foot on the Mayor's property. This isn't so much to harass the Mayor as it is let him know that people will support him if he steps up to the plate. If you're one of those people, try to make it out. It won't be very long. (The order had not been served when this letter was printed. If, by July 23 it has been, we'll give the Mayor a round of applause, shake his hand , offer gifts, chant "salami, salami, bologna' etc. and go home.)

2) For the adventurous, a pilgrimage out to the south end of Argyle St. will follow. Comfortable in the full knowledge that building permits, permission from property owner etc. are not required, I'll be erecting a booth that will complement the existing business nearby. I won't reveal what it is yet because I don't feel like it.

Doug Fleming