Letter - Is the mayor's job 9-5?

The Regional

July 27, 2011

I attended the rally on Saturday, July 23. The intent was to let the mayor know that some of the taxpayers were unhappy about a hamburger and hotdog stand being erected on provincial land in the Town of Haldimand without prior approval from the Licensing Dept., the Health Dept., the By-law Dept., and whatever is necessary to conform to the laws of the land.

We already know that the Federal and Provincial governments don't care, but I was under the impression that our newly elected mayor was going to bring peace and stability to our town. Remember, one of his first meetings as mayor was with the leaders of the Six Nations and he claimed that the meeting went with a positive response. (Fantino had meetings with some of the supposed leaders, some who were later charged with criminal offenses.)

On Saturday, when the peaceful rally was in front of the mayor's home, he was asked to come out and talk to the group. His answer was to call him at his office on Monday, in business hours, between 9 and 5.

Until that time, I was not aware that a Mayor's job was only from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Let us hope that we have never have an uprising of Six Nations, a flood, or any major disaster if the Mayor only responds between 9 and 5. But Mayor Trainer would certainly respond to any disaster, outside of "office hours."

Don Howatt