Letter - Come for a guided tour Mr. Marshall

The Regional

August 17, 2011

Re: Was protest ethical?

In the eyes of those that would read his opinion, the writer, a lawyer, would, I suspect conjure up credibility, expertise, knowledge in what he speaks of.

The writer had another letter published in the Spectator, with again his opinions with little if any factual evidence.

Where was this person of ethics when basic human rights as afforded under the Charter were denied? Where was he when wave after wave of terrorist acts were committed against the residents and the infrastructure? Where was he when police officers were kidnapped and held hostage? Where was he when Dalton McGuinty decided the OPP should assume a peacekeeping role (replete with UN blue helmets) rather than enforce the law as required under the police services act?

The writer speaks of the Mayor's private residence and sanctuary and the neighbours' peace, privacy and enjoyment, solitude and dignity.

As a lawyer, where in heaven's name were you when the rule of law was suspended, when native issued passports were required, when native curfews went unchallenged?

I ask the writer how much privacy, solitude, peace, dignity to you think those residents (in close proximity to DCE) enjoyed in their sanctuaries cum prison cells and what of their children?

I guess the only was he will know, is to visit the residents, and in so doing he will gain much needed insight into what really happened to this community, rather than an opinion.

After 5+ years of silence during the darkest days in recent Haldimand history the writer's anti-activist motives seem very suspicious to me.

Feel free to call me for a guided tour, lunch included.

M. Kinrade, RCN Ret'd