Letter - Politically Correct or Political Incompetence?

The Regional

August 24, 2011

Great eloquence and acedemic qualifications mean squat when they have little reference to reality. How can an apparently educated author be so far out of touch with his surroundings and what actually happened, and is STILL HAPPENING?

Please sir, look honestly at what Doug Fleming is trying to do. Right or wrong, a crime, that is so blatently obvious that any sincere politician would jump at the chance to say 'I helped correct an injustice.' Imagine the support you'd get in 'the next election.' Has political office become so hogtied with 'correctness' that you turn your back on your electors, and your sworn duties? If you cannot even attempt to carry out your obligations, be honest, admit it, we might actually believe you then.

And Doug, for your politically incorrect action, a slap on pinky finger with a wet noodle. We're looking for someone we can respect. You've earned my vote.

Del Moore