Greg Crone: What he is not saying

by Gary McHale - The Regional

September 21, 2011

Politics is as much about what you don't say as what you do say. It isn't by accident that Mr. Crone is avoiding identifying himself with Dalton McGuinty. Last week's ads in The Regional News by Crone and Barrett prove my point. While Toby Barrett's ad had Tim Hudak's name four times and even had Hudak's photo, Crone's ad didn't name McGuinty once and certainly didn't have McGuinty's photo.

I believe Crone doesn't want the public to know three main points. 1) He was the spokesperson for Michael Bryant (Minister of Aboriginal Affairs). 2) He was McGuinty's speech writer prior to McGuinty winning in 2003. 3) He has been the economic advisor (specializing in the electricity industry) for the McGuinty government.

One would think you would be proud of such positions within the McGuinty government but you won't find McGuinty's name mentioned in Crone's radio spots, his newspaper ads or his press releases listed on his Vote Greg Crone website.

I guess it is a hard sell for someone who was the spokesperson for the Aboriginal Affairs minister to run an election in the very community abandoned by both the McGuinty government and Aboriginal Affairs. Exactly how did Mr. Crone, having such a high position within the government and a resident of Caledonia, help his neighbours throughout the past five years?

In Dec. 2007, in response to Toby Barrett's call for a public inquiry, the Hamilton Spectator reported, "Greg Crone, spokesman for Aboriginal Affairs Minister Michael Bryant, said the province has already conducted a huge public consultation -- the inquiry into the shooting death of native protester Dudley George at Ipperwash Provincial Park, which issued its final report earlier this year."

I guess Crone doesn't care about the hundreds of families and hundreds more business owners who suffered in Caledonia while he was the spokesperson for Aboriginal Affairs. Dudley George is all that McGuinty was concerned about. Sam Gaultieri almost died just a few months before Crone's statement. Apparently Crone didn't think it was important to mention anyone in Caledonia being harmed - his concern was Dudley George.

Another question is whether Crone helped write some of McGuinty's famous lies prior to being Premier. As McGuinty's speech writer did he get McGuinty to say, "No new taxes" or promise to provide funding to autism treatment beyond age six or promise to cap hydro rates at 4.3 cents a kilowatt hour?

I guess it also a hard sell for someone who has been an economic advisor to the McGuinty government to brag about Ontario becoming a have-not province. Did Crone advise McGuinty to bring in the Health tax, Eco-tax and HST?

It is also somewhat hypocritical for someone to run on the platform of Jobs, Jobs, Jobs when it is his government that destroyed jobs in Haldimand. In a press release by Crone he states, "my laser beam focus will be to work to implement my positive jobs plan so we can have the good-paying construction jobs..."

It is his government that destroyed the good-paying construction jobs in Haldimand but now he claims he can suddenly bring back these jobs - if so, then why didn't he do this sometime in the past five years? Didn't he care enough about Caledonia and Haldimand to advise McGuinty and Bryant about how to bring economic development to Haldimand? If he did then they didn't listen and if that is true then why would anyone believe McGuinty will listen to Crone now?

Crone wrote McGuinty's speeches, was a spokesperson for Michael Bryan and a senior economic advisor to the government so the people of Haldimand have a right to examine Crone's track record about what he has or hasn't done for Haldimand.

In another press release from Crone he talks about Smuckers and Bicks Pickles moving out of Haldimand as if Toby Barrett could have controlled this. However, where was Crone and the McGuinty government to ensure such businesses didn't leave the province?

This leads me to so-called Green Energy Jobs which Crone talks about as if they will save the province from the economic troubles that McGuinty created by being in office for 8 years.

Green Energy Jobs are a myth that has been rejected by most of the European countries that tried exactly what Crone and McGuinty are planning to do in Ontario. Whether you look at Spain, Germany, Italy etc. each of these countries has publicly stated that for every green job created you lose 3-4 other jobs at a cost of billions in taxpayers' money to create green jobs.

In the last municipal election I had a meeting with senior management from one of the companies building the wind mills in Haldimand. I asked them just how many jobs would be around after the wind mills are built and I was told 10-12 jobs. Nanticoke has 600 high paying jobs which will be shut down to be replaced by 10-12 jobs.

Billions are being spent to build wind mills and solar panels with little hope that they will ever produce enough electricity to provide any real help. At you can review the power output of every electrical source in Ontario broken down by type and by the hour. I decided to pick a hot summer day to review and discovered Ontario has over a thousand wind mills already built which they claim are able to produce approximately 1337 mega watts of power per hour. However, these wind mills rarely produce over 15% of their rated output and in most cases produce less than 7%. Hardly a success story.

Furthermore, many other jurisdictions have shut down wind mills for long periods of time. In P.E.I. wind mills are shutdown on a regular basis due to the fact they throw ice during the winter months. In California hundreds of wind mills are shut down for months at a time during bird migration due to the number of birds killed by wind mills.

Few jurisdictions anywhere in the world can deal with fires 400 feet in the air which is the height of these wind mills. There are too many YouTube videos of burning wind mills for this issue to be ignored.

It's your choice on October 6.