Letter - What has the Ontario Liberal government done for Haldimand?

The Regional

September 21, 2011

Electioneering is in high gear and as a result of reading and research, the following is my list of important issues affecting Haldimand and area in the past few years.

1. Millions of dollars were spent in Caledonia for policing to protect terrorists and arrest innocent non-natives; to purchase D.C.E. so it can remain occupied by illegal tenants, while taxpayers continue to pay for services to the house; and to compensate other home-owners and businesses for lose and suffering.

Thanks to Mr. G. McHale's unrelenting persistence in bringing some charges to justice. how many visits did the Premier make to the town during that time or since? I found Mr. Crone's comments interesting re this situation! (Regional News Aug. 24, page 5.)

2. Millions of dollars were squandered on E-Health. Beds and ERs have been closed and the Past President of Ontario Medical Association states the Health Care system is in total disarray.

3. Millions or billions of dollars have gone off shore to companies providing industrial wind turbines that are costly, inefficient and cause health issues.

Under the Green Energy Act we've been bullied into the use of wind and solar energy as the Act took away any authority Haldimand Council had to deal with wind farms, even though they and 80 others councils passed a moratorium against I.W.T. development until independent, comprehensive studies have been completed. Smart meters forced on Ontario families cost more than a billion dollars and force families to run their appliances at inconvenient times to save a few dollars. Meanwhile between January and May 2011, the Ontario government spent $50 million to dump excess wind generated power.

4. Workers will lose their jobs when the coal fired plant closes in Nanticoke but perhaps they will find jobs in the new nuclear plants that Government proposes spending over $30 Billion to construct. (April 1, 2011, Public Hearing convened by Darlington New Nuclear Power Plant Joint Review Panel.)

5. The proposed 2316 acre mega quarry on 8000 acres of prime agricultural lands north in Melancthon Township will affect us here in Haldimand, and prompted Government action only when citizens groups rallied in protest and it was prudent for Minister John Wilkinson to call for a complete Environmental Assessment as a pre-election ploy. Registered lobbyists in Queen's Park for the Boston company who purchased the 8000 acres include Premier McGuinty's former chief of staff and a former Attorney General. This quarry has been in the works since 2008 and the Government did virtually nothing until last week.

A complete list - no - but a few highlights from my research. Should we renew their (Liberals) contract or is it time for change?

Betty Sawyers