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Mayor not doing what’s best for residents

Marnie Knight, Selkirk, member of Haldimand Wind Concerns
Published on Sep 27, 2011

The Sachem

It is a very sad day for Haldimand County when money comes before the needs of the residents.

Mayor Ken Hewitt and several of the councillors for our area have put the almighty dollar before the health issues and concerns of the residents that are going to be affected by these turbines.

He can justify this decision all he wants, but when money and power are put before the rights and safety of the individual, it is called dictatorship.

He and I have had many talks and he has always said that he is doing what is right for the county.

Really? I have a hard time understanding this; there will not be any long-term employment created, contrary to propaganda that is being glorified through the media by these companies.

There are major concerns not being addressed, but our council hides behind the "green energy act" so they to can justify their actions. This is about greed, pure and simple.

Sometimes you have to stand alone and do what is right, not what is comfortable.

And Mayor Hewitt, at the end of the day, is going to learn that when you make decisions on greed instead of conscience, there are repercussions for these actions.

He sold out to multi-national companies, and the rural residents of Haldimand are going to pay the price for this.

Ken, I am glad you can justify this, because this is going to be a hard one to ignore in the future.

I hope you at least made enough money to carry the taxpayers for the next three years, because, I am going to make it my personal mission to lead a tax revolt against you.

The gloves are off and the residents are going to have some control put back into our hands. You can count on it!