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Mayor has not shown true leadership in wind decision

Ernie King, South Cayuga, vice president, Haldimand Wind Concerns
Published on Sep 27, 2011 - The Sachem

I just watched the video Mayor Ken Hewitt has done for Samsung. Our mayor is sadly mistaken about jobs coming to our county. If he would look past the propaganda, he would see this is an old method that isn't working out so well around the world.

Leadership is not following the path of someone else, especially when that path takes you to the same place everyone else has ended up prior to your attempt. A true leader will ensure whatever road he takes will be in the best interest of everyone under his/her leadership. He states many times over that there are more residents of Haldimand in favor of these projects than opposed. Even if that is true, it is his responsibility to ensure whatever decisions he renders are for the betterment of everyone, not just those in favour. He has seriously failed in doing that.

He states all decision has been removed from the county. Well, stand up and be one of the few mayors that refuse to allow industrial wind turbines (IWTs) and solar panels to invade their counties.

A true leader would not request a moratorium and then negotiate a deal with the very people your have requested the moratorium against! A true leader would research this to ensure any decision is correct.

He will probably state he has done that. I question how hard he looked if that is his position.

We have tried to educate our mayor and council. Many letters with links to proven research, studies and documents of truth have been forwarded to our mayor many times.

It is the responsibility of all levels of government to ensure beyond all else our health is not jeopardized. Visit Clear Creak in Norfolk County and see for yourself, homes sit vacant and unsellable for one reason- IWTs.

Simple economics would also stop this if not for the subsidies being paid. These will bankrupt our province. After 56 months of the highest unemployment numbers nationally in our country, we still plod along this failed road.

A solar panel plant in the U.S. filed for bankruptcy, losing over $500 million in two years. Why do we think we can be successful here? Cheap hydro will generate jobs. A subsidized economy will fail.

Mayor Hewitt has sold us out for less then Samsung will take out of province in one year from guarantees written into their contract, if implemented. Two million dollars a year will not cover the legal expenses incurred from the residents that will suffer from loss of life and our rights to live.