Letter - Have we in Haldimand been "sold out" again?

The Regional

September 28, 2011

I was angry, felt betrayed and sold out by 6 men we call out County council, when it came to dealing with the wind turbine industry (I.W.T.)! I had some degree of confidence the council would look out for the interests of our community when they joined other councils declaring a moratorium on more I.W.T. development, comprehensive studies have been completed. Haldimand county now has the "Wonderful Distinction" of being the 1st, or one of the 1st, councils in Ontario to cave to the multi billion dollar, off shore, wind turbine giants, all in the name of money!

It doesn't matter that a huge section of their constituents are opposed to I.W.T. for many legitimate reasons - COST, inefficiency, safety and health issues, and upsetting the social fabric of rural communities like Haldimand and beyond. A recent newspaper poll showed 81 per cent of 300 respondents are against more turbines. They already have 100+, with more planned.

I was told by one councillor this is a provincial issue and the council has no control (I thought one of their duties was to lobby government on behalf of their constituents) but they do have the autonomy to deal directly with the I.W.T. providers to get the best deal for Haldimand and I believe giver the wind companies exactly what they wanted. I wonder if Mr. McGuinty, or any of the councillors, would like to live in the midst of 100+ turbines? Ask the people in their multi-million dollar summer homes on Wolfe Island near Kingston how they like the turbines scattered all over their pristine island.

Some politicians believe there are no real health issues related to I.W.T. and have called those affected whiners, fakers or worse. I wonder if it was one of their family, would they feel differently? If there are truly no health issues, why does the Wind Industry impose "Gag Orders" when they buy homes where the inhabitants suffered ill health after the wind turbines came to their community?

The right to impose "Gag Orders" is being legally challenged by a young farm couple in the Ripley, Ont. area - another expense incurred by innocent victims who wish not to have their farm surrounded by turbines, but are unable to get information from their "bought out" neighbours because of Gag orders.

Animals know when storms are approaching long before humans do, because of their hear/feel disturbances not audible to humans - this is how some people describe the disturbances they endure from the turbines. Anyone suffering chronic sleep deprivation, for any reason, knows how negatively it impacts their overall quality of life.

With 2-1/2 beds per 1000 people in Ontario, the lowest province in Canada, we can't afford more sick people! The well-respected Fraser Institute states Ontario and P.E.I. rank 1 and 2 in their over spending and Ontario has slipped from "have" to a "have not" province.

I'm very disappointed Mayor Hewitt has led our County in this direction and I'm not alone in stating "he will not get my vote next election." I think this is a sad day for Haldimand!

Betty Sawyers