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Is council really leading the way?

Ernie King, South Cayuga, vice president of Haldimand Wind Concerns
Published on Oct 04, 2011 - The Sachem

It sure would be nice to see some sunshine soon. I’m not actually talking about the weather; no one can control that. The mayor of Haldimand County created a cloud cover that will hover over Haldimand for quite some time, I’m afraid. This mayor needs to start listening to other communities who have a mayor and council with courage, and some proper information. As we here in this vast county listened to our mayor and three councillors (the fourth was kind enough to send in his written essay) spin their reasons for buying into the huge waste of our tax dollars, other counties are putting bylaws in place to prevent Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs) from entering their backyards.

I learned recently of how the mayor of Arran-Elderslie put the onus of fire protection back onto the proponent for IWT installation there. He stated “we have to protect our residents”. Fire safety should be one of the issues addressed. Our firefighters would expect nothing less. Not only do we not have anything that can reach the heights required to extinguish a fire on top of an IWT, how safe would it be to douse a fire on an electrical generating solar panel covered roof?

Huron-Kinloss implemented setbacks of 1,200 meters. Arron-Elderslie has put 2,000 meter setbacks in place and stated that these bylaws will have to be met first before construction can begin. These councils are supporting their citizens. They are willing to pass bylaws that support the evidence presented around the world from court cases and federal senate committees who have reviewed information coming forth from citizen’s complaints and concerns. These complaints and concerns will resolve some of the issues surrounding IWT’s. Let’s hope they lead to all truths being told.

The folks of this county have sent our council and mayor the truth about setbacks, health issues, property devaluation, loss of tourism, revenue depletion… Council has chosen to listen to the lies being spread by all proponents in favour of renewable energy. This must stop.

The total of all permanent jobs will be around 30 for the entire county. In case you aren’t aware of the fact that Japan and the European Union are currently challenging Ontario’s “green job strategy”. Our premier implemented guide lines to ensure a certain percent of renewable energy generators are made locally. That goes against free trade rules. When this challenge is ruled in favour of the countries vying to keep the jobs overseas, how many will be left for our county? Japan and China already make 29% of IWTs and 79% of solar components.

I would like to thank Rob Shirton for standing with us and not voting in favour of this worthless piece of time and money. The Community Vibrancy Fund will go down in the history of this county as the landmark deal that sold the county to foreign investors against tax payers’ opinion and desires. Those opinions and desires are based on actual fact of truth, not on computer fodder.