Mayor Hewitt, Crone, McGuinty, Samsung Alliance

by Gary McHale - The Regional

October 5, 2011

Mayor Hewitt has told the public repeatedly how he cannot do anything about illegal smoke shops, DCE, Green Energy Act or various by-laws being violated by the Ontario government because he has no control over the province. His immediate response is to give up any fight and succumb to the McGuinty government.

However, before the Conservatives even get into power Hewitt is planning ways to pressure a Hudak government into doing what he wants. The agreement with Samsung and others was rushed before the election because Hewitt wanted a weapon to pressure a Hudak government. As he said to Bill Jackson, "now I can go to the Hudak government and say 'you are taking away $40 million out of the county' ".

Of course, it isn't really $40 million because it is a voluntary donation to the county when Samsung and other companies feel so inclined to donate the money.

Hewitt admits he is helpless against a Liberal government but now appears willing to grow a backbone against a Conservative government. The fact that McGuinty's actions have caused $1 billion plus in damages to Haldimand hasn't fired up Hewitt to take a stand and fight. However, the mere possibility that one day some multi-national company may donate money fires up Hewitt to fight.

Let's not forget that Hewitt has bigger plans than being Mayor of Haldimand. He ran to be the Liberal candidate in the Federal election but lost to Dr. Eric Hoskins. I doubt he has lost sight of this ambition and to accomplish that goal he needs to be firmly in the Liberal camp.

Any politician will tell you that if you want to climb the political ladder you have to pay your dues to the political party. You also have to start scratching the backs of those you want to back you in the future. You have to start building bridges with the party's money handlers like going to expensive events to ensure the party faithful see you.

It is not surprising that the agreement Hewitt rushed to get passed before voting day is now being used by the local Liberal candidate Greg Crone.

Two weeks ago I wrote about Crone's connection with McGuinty and how he was hiding this connection. Mr. Crone responded to my story stating, "If you were to take a look at my website, or my main election pamphlet which I have been taking door to door in Caledonia, or even the walls of my campaign office, you would be hard-pressed to say that I am in any way distancing myself from Dalton McGuinty, because the opposite is true."

Crone's ad last week provides additional evidence that Hewitt rushed the agreement to allow the Liberals to take advantage of it. Crone's ad again doesn't use McGuinty's name but does use Toby Barrett's name twice. It even quoted from Hewitt's agreement about how Barrett would scrap the Samsung deal and end $200 million coming to Haldimand - he even quoted the County as the source for this information. Crone states, "Toby Barrett and the PCs are PROSPERITY KILLERS."

A bit much considering how much McGuinty, with Crone's involvement in the government, killed the prosperity in Haldimand. A little bit hypocritical if you ask me that he is pointing fingers at anyone else.

The Liberal spin doctors are out in full force regarding Green Energy Jobs. McGuinty calls it  "Free" energy that will create 50,000 jobs. As Crone's states, "[lets] harvest the sun and wind like any other cash crop."

Anyone looking at their hydro bills can certainly tell you Green Energy isn't "Free". This "Free" energy that is simply waiting for us to harvest is so expensive that McGuinty had to sign outrageous rate deals with those who harvest this "Free" energy.

This expensive "Free" energy is causing a lot of hardship in families especially those on fixed incomes.

All energy sources are "Free" and are just waiting to be harvested. The water is flowing over a falls and uranium, oil and coal are just sitting in the ground waiting to be used. The last time I checked there are no farmers planting coal or oil seeds and then harvesting the crop.

All sources of energy are "Free". It is the cost of delivering the energy to your home that is expensive for green energy sources while traditional energy sources are much cheaper.

The technology isn't about to change the cost of this expensive "Free" energy. For example, a particular farmer's field in Haldimand only gets so much wind per year. Regarding solar, there is only so much light that hits any given square foot of surface of ground in Haldimand. Technology isn't about to increase the wind or change the brightness of the sun.

The other thing the Liberal spin doctors are attempting to claim is that McGuinty wants to be on the ground floor of this new technology thereby becoming the world leader in producing wind turbines and solar panels.

Hello, exactly where has McGuinty been. Many European countries started down this road 15 years ago and California had thousands of wind mills installed long before McGuinty come up with this game plan.

The truth is Ontario will not become the world supplier of solar panels because these jobs will quickly be sent to China or India in the same way flat panel TVs have. You need not look any further than President Obama's $535 million investment into a single plant which just closed down because of overseas production.

The truth about wind mills is that due to their size (blades are 100 feet long and towers are 400 feet high) these items are built locally but once the wind mills are up these factories shut down.

The timing of the agreement, the plan to use the agreement against the conservatives, Crone's eagerness to quote the plan, Hewitt's refusal to stand against McGuinty all demonstrate that the real agenda is that Mayor Hewitt and the Council have always been and will continue to be anti-Conservative and pro-Liberal.

Too bad because it is the needs of the residents of Haldimand that should control the agenda.