Letter - The Regional

December 21, 2011

Welcome Kristin, to the McGinty neutered County of Haldimand. Endorsed by an inept council – that appears to love what McGinty and three OPP commissioners have allowed to happen to this community. See Caledonia, Hagersville, Dunnville and Cayuga.

I can assure you, you’ve chosen to work for a woman that has more intestinal fortitude than many residents of this cowardly bastion.

The Regional News has paid a huge financial price, for, in my opinions, telling the truth about what was allowed to happen here and other communities within the county. In other words unbiased journalism.

Now our Mayor and council will tell you, the Torstar group afforded the county, the best bang for the advertising buck. I’m skeptical. As an example eight people were arrested for trespass on county property. Not covered by the Sachem. Example # 2 I wrote a letter to the editor with a couple of questions for the mayor. Not covered by the Sachem /Torstar. Both covered by The Regional News.

Skepticism endures when good news is welcome and bad news isn’t.

My question then is, has council willfully directed the consultant’s chosen media to report only the positives and forget the negatives?

In other words, deserved or otherwise, nothing bad about the mayor or councilors, especially by name. Nothing about the suspension of the rights of residents under the charter. Nothing about the suspension of police protection. Example armed robbery no arrest.

Without the use of the consultant the Mayor used to ink the advertising contract, can he satisfy the electorate that the Sachem is free to report the good, bad or indifferent news without appearing to be censored?

M. Kinrade

RCN Ret’d