Mayor Hewitt Subpoenaed for Court

By Gary McHale - The Regional - Opinion

January 4, 2012

Mayor Hewitt has been subpoenaed to appear in court this Friday to give evidence regarding the illegal arrest of the Caledonia 8. These 8 people were arrested on Dec. 3, 2011 by the OPP who claimed the Ontario Government ordered the arrest for trespassing. However, the Ontario Government doesn’t have the authority to order people to be arrested while they are on a county road. This is where Mayor Hewitt's testimony will be needed for court – he can state whether or not the county owns property on DCE and whether he or the council ever gave any order for residents to be arrested.

I subpoenaed Mayor Trainer twice while she was in office and she was a great witness in court. The Crown didn’t like her honesty about race based policing and the fact that she kept proof on her cell phone of some of the lies the government was telling. It will be interesting to hear Hewitt in court. He has worked so hard to suck up to the McGuinty Government that it will be difficult for him to tell the truth about the corruption within the OPP.

Take for example his continued refusal to be clear about who gave him a $2000 golfing ticket which he implied came from the Conservative party but this was refuted by Toby Barrett’s office. Take for example how he voted one way and told the public one thing  while being the only Mayor in Ontario to secretly do a commercial for Samsung.

I reported that Hewitt had a secret meeting with the Aboriginal Affairs Minister but according to Hewitt’s posts on the internet it wasn’t a secret meeting, rather it was just a meeting that he didn’t tell anyone about nor let council know about – one wonders what Hewitt thinks the word secret means. Hewitt states, "I had sent letters requesting meetings right after the election to several ministers that had profiles affecting Haldimand.  They set their budgets early and I wanted to be one of the first to see them."

Apparently, Hewitt believes the people in Haldimand are stupid enough to believe that this meeting had nothing to do with the arrest of the Caledonia 8 and the revelation that the county owns 16.5 acres of DCE. He wants us to believe that 10 months after he wrote the minister that suddenly she appears in Cayuga in response to his letter. Meanwhile, Haldimand County held an in-camera meeting to talk about the arrest of the Caledonia 8 - but of course according to Hewitt none of this was done in secret.

People of Haldimand beware – Hewitt is now preparing you so that some deal will be made that rewards those who committed crimes and those who terrorized Caledonia. Hewitt has posted on the internet his attempts to make the public aware that although he doesn’t believe governments should reward those who commit crimes we must understand the political reality that this does occur - that while he would like DCE returned to the developer the political reality is a deal will be made with Six Nations. This is like Hewitt saying that he is against wind mills but McGuinty wants them and therefore he has no option but to cave in and make a secret deal.

Hewitt posted, "In my opinion history is not relevant and will not put the province in a position to pick winners and losers.  They [province] will stay neutral on this and let the communities come together on the future of DCE.  There are no real solutions being put forth other than me saying that it is time to start putting an agenda together to construct a plan on long term use..."

It is amazing that Hewitt, who repeatedly tells us how he has no control over the province, is claiming the province will not have a say in what happens to DCE. Apparently he has some assurance from McGuinty that Mayor Hewitt and Six Nations have total control over how the property will be used in the future - does he truly think that the residents believe McGuinty has no say in DCE?

Let's understand one thing, Ipperwash and Oka are still on-going today whereby native occupiers continue to control the occupied areas within those towns. There is no way the various native groups on Six Nations are going to ever allow joint use of DCE – they may enter into an agreement with Hewitt and McGuinty but the reality will be that Six Nations will control DCE and only those non-natives approved of by the radicals will be allowed on. Does anyone truly believe that 10 years from today the OPP will enforce any sort of joint-agreement between Hewitt, McGuinty and Six Nations?

It doesn’t matter whether Hewitt and Six Nations come up with a joint-use agreement – in reality the land will be viewed as being owned by the various radical groups and they will believe they control it. Who exactly do you think is about to tell them they don’t own and control DCE – Hewitt, McGuinty or the OPP?

This is why forcing the government and the OPP to finally deal with race based policing must be done. The only hope for any long term solution rests in restoring the rule of law and establishing once and for all that all people are equal under the law.

It is too bad people like Hewitt cannot work towards a principled long term solution but only see short term appeasement as the answer. Hewitt actually posted that he is making the difficult decisions. Apparently, when one is faced with a powerful opposition (i.e. McGuinty government) and one has to choose between standing on principles or caving in and going with the flow Hewitt believes the caving in route is the difficult decision. In some ways he is right – forfeiting your principles is difficult but as he is learning it becomes easier each time he does it.

This Friday will be the first but not the last time Hewitt will be forced to tell the truth in court – the facts are quite simply whether the roads on DCE are owned by the county or not.