Letter - Comedy in a court room?

The Regional

January 11, 2012

Picture this scene. Eight citizens before a judge. Police officers decked out with guns. The gallery full of spectators. The doors of the court bolted. Eight in the prisoners' box.

The judge speaks to the prosecutor, "Why have you brought these citizens forward?"

Crown, "Your honour, they are charged with walking in a street". (How was the Crown able to spit that out without cracking a smile?)

Judge (speaking to the prosecutor); "I am sure you meant to add that they were causing a disturbance of some kind while walking".

The Crown replies, "No, they were just walking".

The above is how I experienced court in Cayuga this past Friday (with a little dramatic licence).

What really happened this past Friday when the eight citizens, charged with trespassing for walking on a street near Douglas Creek Estate in Caledonia, attended court?

Someone made fools of the police, the judge, and, I am afraid, made fools of us all. Who did this? The guy in Toronto giving orders to the police and prosecutor. More of a tragedy than a comedy.

Albert Marshall - Cayuga