Letter - Questions that require answers

The Regional

January 11, 2012


We have lived with an unacceptable and unlawful situation in Haldimand County and in particular Caledonia that is known as DCE as well as Stirling Woods.

Both sites have witnessed their share of violence, and the OPP will assert that there have been many arrests of the perpetrators.  But how many convictions?  The one conviction that comes to mind is that of Richard Smoke.  I believe most people, if not all, in this community expected that, at last justice would be served in the sentencing of this felon.

Alas it just wasn’t to be.  Why?

Now to the questions:

When will the people of Caledonia take to the streets in protest?

When will the Chamber of Commerce demand one law and one system of justice for all without involving race?

When will the service clubs stop pretending nothing is wrong and focus their energies on holding the Mayor and council responsible for their wait and see attitude?

When will the clergy demand a town hall meeting with Commissioner Chris Lewis or the Deputy Commissioner and tell them the six year status quo is unacceptable?

And last but certainly not least, when will the Chiefs of Police all across this country scream loud and clear that race based policing/justice can never work?

This is more important than the long gun registry and the implications far more dangerous.

In closing, we have robberies that go unreported, armed robberies that will be diligently investigated based on race, residents terrorized, homes attacked by missiles, and sadly Sam Gaultieri attached and beaten within one blow of death.

Where is the outrage from this community?  Would you be outraged if your loved one was left permanently brain damaged and unable to function normally?  Wake up!!

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Disgusted Canadian (Vet)

M. Kinrade