by Chris Pickup - The Regional

January 12, 2012

This week I was asked why this paper keeps hammering on the subject of race based policing, justice and mayor Ken Hewitt. Why don't we just let it lie?

We recognize that many people are tired of hearing the same old stuff. To be honest with you, I'm tired of bashing my head against a brick wall myself while others bury their heads in the sand. But being tired, or bored, or whatever, does not excuse ignoring a situation that goes to the very roots of western civilization.

Since England's Magna Carta that King John was forced to sign in 1215, reducing his power and establishing a parliament, western civilizations have struggled through the centuries to produce a fair and equitable system of government based on the pillars of rights and responsibilities, power sharing, and the rule of law within a fair justice system. It was a long long process that saw citizens trying to wrest excess power off their rulers, who did not want to let go easily - sometimes relatively peacefully, but more often through turmoil and fighting. We somehow over the centuries built up a system of justice based on the old common law of England, with rules and a system of justice that enforces the rules equally, regardless of race, religion or politics. And it's probably only within the last 50 years that we've come close to equality for all.

Which brings us to DCE. We all know what happened there. The OPP, tasked with protecting all citizens regardless of race, origin or religion, were forced by their superiors to break their oath. The OPP should have charged whoever broke the law, immediately and without preference. Going after lawbreakers after the fact just doesn't cut it. Justice not only needs to be done... it needs to be seen to be done. Doing otherwise means eventually people start taking the law into their own hands.

Growing up in England just about every kid was taught if they were in trouble, or lost, find a 'Bobby', they would look after you. I never lost that respect for police until the day they first stood by and watched while a pack of camouflaged and masked natives terrorized DCE neighbours. It's terrible to realize that police tasked with protecting citizens would not protect you if a member of another race attacked. So there's now a huge crack in the foundation we've been building.

I must emphasize that this is not racism against natives. I have had natives in this officer who are just as outraged... and yes, frightened of certain factions of their own race. They're at risk too.

Further to the provincial government's wanton disregard of law and order in the interests of appeasement and the pursuit of votes, we now have a further outrage in its total disregard of human rights in its ideological rush to "green energy". The rights of every single citizen of Ontario have been taken away. In that, you could say we're all equal, however, some are more equal than others. In his zeal for votes just before the election, Premier McGuinty cynically cancelled the half built gas plant in Mississauga he had already spent a ton of money on, vowed not to put wind turbines on the Scarborough Bluffs after all, and announced that putting turbines out in the lake off the Toronto skyline was not feasible. All in Liberal ridings, of course.

Now we're left with a huge urban/rural divide as wind factories are slated for all the Conservative rural areas. All of south Haldimand is going to be living in a huge wind factory. It's impossible to assess what effects these wind factories might have on human and animal health, because none were done, but from studies abroad and anecdotal evidence, we could be in for major health problems down the road. It might have been worth it if the wind technology actually worked, but they rely on conventional power when nature doesn't cooperate, which pushes up the carbon foot-print.

Now to mayor Ken Hewitt. To give this council credit, they did eventually join all the other rural municipalities in calling for a moratorium until such time as health issues are studies, but I suspect only because they were pushed. But then Hewitt undermined it by making that infamous commercial for Samsung. He might feel that it doesn't affect the moratorium, but if it went to law, this county would be laughed out of court after a judge copped a view of Hewitt sitting in a field of blowing corn and lauding the benefits of green energy in Haldimand... good for the county indeed!

So there we have it. Police not protecting people under assault, the courts not doing their duty if a native is involved, residents' rights take away, and the provincial government - the spider spinning all these webs - laughing up its sleeve as that foundational crack grows ever wider.

Ever wonder what might happen if the law isn't balanced? If we could only ask King John, I bet he'd have a tale or two to tell.