Letter - Thanks for the entertainment

The Regional

January 25, 2012

Several years ago I used to write the odd letter to the editor, giving her my take on the ongoing Caledonia situation as it unfolded... then I quit the writing. I had several people ask me why. I just said it was a needless cause and proved/settled nothing.

Well, now here I am again. Not criticizing, demanding, apologizing or asking for sympathy, but to thank five people for their editorials, comments, opinions, thoughts and pictures presented. All of the above were in one issue of Regional News This Week, January 11, pages 4 and 5.

In no particular order these five people are:

Mrs. Chris Pickup's editorial view

Mr. Dennis James' invasion problems

Mr. Merlyn Kinrade's policing questions

Mr. Albert Marshall's comedy skit

Mr. Gary McHale's subpoena orders and contempt of court

Beautiful ...fantastic ... incredible ... funny ... sad ... unbelievable ... wonderful.

There is nothing on TV (cable, serial, satellite, movie, etc.) that when all combined, could not even come close to the outright enjoyment I got after reading all those people's articles.

There was everything a person could want to know about the mess in Caledonia ... turbines, break-ins, outrage, fools, politics, commercials, rights, laughing spiders, Magna Carta, trespassing, tragedies, medical technology, and by no means last ... race issue.

In closing, may I say thanks again to all involved in my enjoyment of reading This Week. Please keep those melancholy tirades and rhetorical hyperboles coming.

That's my take from here. Good luck and keep smiling.

Rhys Richert, Dunnville