No Blacks, Whites or Jews Allowed by Order of McGuinty

by Gary McHale - The Regional - Opinion

February 1, 2012

This past Friday I was arrested but released within 20 minutes with no charges. While the media was recording the OPP, they told us if we walked on roads on DCE we would NOT be arrested for trespassing. I guess that is their way of admitting the arrest of the Caledonia 8 on Dec. 3, 2011 wasn't lawful - McGuinty doesn't own the roads, Haldimand County does.

At issue in Haldimand are racist policies of the McGuinty government and OPP. They will not arrest Natives committing serious crimes while arresting and charging non-Natives on bogus charges. It isn't hard to see examples in recent history of how violating one group's civil rights or allowing another group to have special rights has devastating effects. I have met with many Jewish people who are concerned by how the OPP has been allowed to target people.

About two weeks ago I met with a couple of new immigrants to Canada at the locate Tims in Caledonia. Both live in Toronto and came out to a few rallies and saw the OPP targeting non-Natives people. One had immigrated from Japan and runs a Japanese website. The other was born and raised in a European Communist county and also runs a website. Both have been updating their websites about the real dangers of Race Based policing.

We would be wrong to believe that we, in Canada, can never possibly see such racist attitudes that created problems in Southern USA or in Germany. On Toronto First Synagogues' website they state how, at the Toronto Beaches area there were signs saying "No Jews and No Dogs" in the 1920-30s. Remember, we interned Japanese during WWII, had a Chinese head tax and what about our racist treatment of aboriginals in the 1800-1900s. Our politicians refused to learn from past racist policies and instead simply change the group being targeted.

It should be noted that Canadians didn't stand up against the Head Tax or the internment of Japanese so are we, as a People, willing to allow our government to target groups of people?

We need to heed the words of the 1977 Manitoba Court of Appeal ruling regarding special exemptions from the law for aboriginals. The court stated, "In a civilized country priding itself on equality of all people before the law, a special dispensation in favour of a particular group would hardly be a matter suitable for public discussion... Today the dispensing power may be exercised in favour of Indians. Tomorrow it may be exercised in favour of Protestants, and the next day in favour of Jews. Our laws cannot be so treated. The Crown may not by executive action dispense with laws. The matter is as simple as that, and nearly three centuries of legal and constitutional history stand as the foundation for that principle."  

When the occupation of DCE started five Palestinian groups helped finance the occupation, and a Palestinian flag was raised on DCE. Since then several anti-Israel protesters were seen on DCE including last Friday. At McMaster the same protesters on DCE are organizing Six Nations/Palestinian struggle events which various Jewish groups are now starting to be upset over by the ongoing anti-Jewish rants.

Last Thursday night McMaster hosted Zafar Bangash, president of the Islamic Society of York Region, as a speaker - the Spectator reported Mr. Bangash as being "known for his strong anti-Israeli views and for advocating Iranian-style theocracy" stating that the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies in Toronto had complained.

There is a growing concern by those who have been victimized in the past that the issues in Caledonia are the beginning of a serious trend toward targeting any group for whatever reason the government want. In March of last year we met with 3 well known Jewish people - two of them had lived through Nazi Germany. They had read Blatchford's book and were greatly upset by what was happening and thus they wanted to find ways to help cover the court costs of fighting against what the OPP are doing.

We accept the reality that racist policies that go unchecked will lead to more and greater abuses. This is why we fight so hard to restore the Rule of Law - we cannot allow racism to gain a foothold within police policies.

Last Friday we planned to raise three signs on the hydro pole, as is our right, which reflect the truth about policing in Caledonia. The signs stated, "No Whites Allowed by Order of McGuinty", "No Blacks Allowed by Order of McGuinty" and "No Jews Allowed by Order of McGuinty".

These signs clearly explain the current policing policies in Caledonia and demonstrate the real danger of such policies being allowed to continue. Prior to raising these signs I wanted to get the views of various Jewish people to ensure that they saw Caledonia as a key issue in the battle against racism. The following statement was provided to me to be used.

"The Never Again Group, a group that fights anti-Semitism and defends Israel, supports Gary McHale (CANACE – Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality) and his group’s effort to win equal treatment for all Canadians. We are also against race-based policing and Ontario government actions which have defended those who commit acts of violence and break the law with impunity in land claims incidents surrounding the occupation of land in Caledonia by a violent splinter group of the native community. The sign that CANACE is using today to illustrate their grievance saying, 'No Jews Allowed,' is a sad reminder that early stages of discrimination can lead to serious forms of abuse."

Let's be clear, Race Based Policing in Caledonia is a real danger for everyone's future in this province. Do not believe that we are exempt from radicals who will use violence as a way to force police and governments to establish special rights for them - just look to Europe as proof of what can happen regarding Sharia Law.

I will not apologize for raising a sign that warns all Canadians of what happens when racist police policies become the norm. I will raise the same signs again.