Editorial by Chris Pickup

Owner of Regional News This Week

February 1, 2012

Oh what heroes our cops are! During Friday's demonstration on the DCE, our 5th 100 lb female reporter was shoved by a burly cop who was attempting to stop her taking the same picture three other reporters were taking... namely of the arrest of Gary McHale. The only reason she didn't hit the ground was because she landed on a nearby parked car.

"What are you doing?" this brave cop asked. "I'm a reporter trying to do my job," she replied. "That f....g wonderful but keep away," says this wonderful specimen of these "peacekeepers" tasked with keeping us all safe. Asked for his name and badge number, he turned away and repeatedly refused to answer. Of course, the police are mandated to give their badge number when asked, but not this one.

Congratulations cop-whoever-you-are. You just made another unbeliever in the sanctity of the oath you took when you became a member of the force.

And welcome to Caledonia Kristin, where the law is turned upside down and inside out. We might just as well be down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland.

Of course, the right thing would be for this cop to come forward and apologise, but that's not likely. Meanwhile Kristin is left with that queasy feeling we all get when we find out for the first time that cops are not the decent, law abiding people we were trained by our parents to believe they were, and that they won't keep us safe while we go about our legitimate business. They're all too busy trying to keep their jobs and pensions while violating the oaths they swore when they became members of the force, and in the process enforcing a definite racial divide in the enforcement of the law.

Oh... but native activist Ruby Montour was allowed to shove Randy Fleming off a ladder with impunity.

It's the same old, same old, but nothing will change while Caledonia residents and so-called 'movers and shakers' of the community keep their heads firmly down the rabbit hole, brown-nosing Dalton McGuinty.