Letter - Power vs respect

The Regional

February 1, 2012

Since the 2006 occupation of legally titled land, known as DCE, I've noticed an increase in uncomplimentary comments regarding the policing, political leadership, and our native community.

Since the last municipal election I hear more complaints due to the lack of meaningful leadership. Example, eight peaceful people are arrested for walking on our roadway. The registry office shows the county holds title to the roadway plus the roads in DCE.

It's difficult to comprehend the logic of arresting our own taxpayers for wishing to quietly walk on those public roads. Criminals who rob stores do not get arrested, why should the peaceful taxpayers? The police and the county clearly show they have a double standard. The mayor is directed by a justice of the peace to appear in court to explain why they were arrested, but the mayor believes himself above the law and chooses not to appear. "Justice"!!

This brings us to the topic of Power vs Respect. In 1991 I performed a small favour for a constable of the local OPP detachment. I was given a nice plaque. At that time I knew a few officers, and they and the force had earned my respect. So the plaque had a place of honour in my home. I no longer display that plaque, nor do I respect the force, all because a few prefer power to respect.

Sadly, it seems our local council is operating in the same vacuum. They wanted our vote which gives them power (and pay). So far their guidance has not earned them respect.

As for the rest of us, we do have a choice. Remember, if we're not part of the solution, then we are part of the problem. We can silently complain to each other, which is no solution, so we are part of the problem. Or we can CALL OUR COUNCILLORS and ask for a straight answer. "Why does council support the arresting of its peaceful taxpayers on our roadways."

If that councillor states they have no control, that is not true. As for the mayor. We know what his goal is, power rather than respect. If you care - call. It won't take long, and it will help.

Del Moore - Fisherville