Letter - Stand up people

The Regional

February 8, 2012

Your Regional News reporter, Kristin Kaye, spoke briefly to a few of us before Friday's rally got underway. She told us that reporting on some events here, such as a rally at DCE or an event involving wind turbines was new for here, but that she was expanding her experience by covering them. It was shortly afterward that this young reporter, new to our area, got knocked down by an OPP officer and then further insulted by this same officer while she was simply attempting to carry out her job in a professional manner.

Kudos to Kristin for still managing to pull off a first rate front page story, and to you, Mrs. Pickup, for your killer editorial and your steadfast courage in publishing both.

Two other individuals were assaulted at the same rally, but the many OPP officers who were supposedly paying attention to what was happening saw nothing. This performance by the OPP cannot be described as either keeping the peace or enforcing the law. We cannot turn our backs on the fact that race-based policing is being practised on DCE, the result of which is that a few native thugs and a few of their anarchist pals are allowed to control DCE and to bully the rest of us.

Every single one of us is important and each one of use can make a difference. Please take one step out of your comfort zone to stand up against race-based policing on DCE. We CAN b e successful in restoring law and order in our communities!

Bonnie Stephens - Cayuga

One of the Caledonia 8