Letter - Truth, justice and freedom of speech not allowed in Haldimand County

The Regional

February 8, 2012


Thank you to the Mayor and council for their despicable and successful attack on the Regional News as today’s edition becomes the last.

Thanks to the many cowards to numerous to mention, that sat back and allowed their neighbors to be attacked, while Julian Fantino and Chris Lewis’ OPP officers looked on.

Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce and the business community that chose the almighty dollar over justice.

Thanks to those that won’t accept the class action money, and in not doing so, rewards McGinty for bad behavior as well as a total disregard for law and order.

Thanks to the police brotherhood for ignoring David Hartless as he stood for justice and the protection of his family and had he died in doing so one can only imagine the hypocritical pomp and ceremony to follow. Sickening.

Thanks to all those that patronize the smoke shacks and the other tax free venues to save a dollar but expects healthcare, education etc. as their right. It’s not your right nor is it legal to avoid taxes.

Thanks to the Christian leaders who ignored the terror this community was subjected to, when each and every one of them should have been out visiting and offering prayers and safe haven to those that had to leave their homes for safety reasons.

Shame on each and every one of you that chose comfort over justice.

To you Chris and Kevan you stood unwavering, for justice and at great financial cost and I am truly indebted to you.

And a very special thank you to the business community that withdrew their advertisements from the Regional News and in so doing, contributed to the demise of an independent truly Canadian newspaper, DISGUSTING.

Lets include all businesses in the tax free zone, for the business achievement awards. Now that’s a worthwhile consideration.

M. Kinrade, RCN Ret’d  (Caledonia 8)