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Hewitt: DCE a quagmire

Mayor's Chair

Mayor Ken Hewitt
Published on Apr 03, 2012 The Sachem

Depending which history book you read, or who you listen to, everyone will form their own opinions as to the validity behind the Native land claims which includes DCE. History, however, is in the eyes of the author and in the level of research that the author is able to put forth. Therefore, the difficulty lies in the interpretation of such history, and/or the ability to truth what we perceived happened 200 years ago based on loosely written facts with no one here today to be able to authenticate the real intentions of the people from that time.

In the game of hockey there are three periods to determine the outcome or solution. The timeframe is set and agreed upon by the participants. Everyone goes into the game with a clear understanding of the rules to establish that outcome.

Albeit DCE is not a game of hockey- it is an issue that you can say has two distinct sides. On one side are those who see it as a symbol for a much bigger cause, a symbol of failure. On the other are those who see it as a symbol for other purposes, and its failures mean entirely different things. Unfortunately, we do not have three periods to determine the outcome.

While we may have a difference of opinion, I believe that there is one thing that we can all agree on and that is the different levels of government and multiple outside influences are not going to solve the problem for us. While the solutions for DCE can represent various things for us all, it can be one which both communities can support. It will only work if it is driven from the local communities.

Some areas within the agendas of Six Nations and Haldimand County may differ, but there are certainly some aspects that do not. I believe that success lies in having a shared vision, recognizing that we have fundamentally similar needs, such as access to potable water, for an example. There are wins in working together and it is through these wins that we can accomplish successful long-term use of DCE, one that will benefit all generations to come. It is the wisdom of today that will reward our youth for tomorrow.

For most of us who live here, we need not be reminded of the time that has elapsed when assessing the absolute abysmal failure of government. We do not need people coming from other regions to parade through our community in order to satisfy their personal agenda. It is time for the outside influences to leave Haldimand and Six Nations to resolve our own issues. Your agenda is not one that is ours; your demonstrations are not welcome here on the streets of our communities. As I speak for the people of Haldimand, I am here to say “Stay home, your home, and stay out of ours.”