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‘Parade’ euphemism for ‘protest march’

Dr. David K. Faux, Caledonia
Published on Apr 10, 2012 The Sachem

(In response to ‘Coalition planning April parade in Caledonia’; ‘DCE a quagmire’, April 5)

If events unfold as planned, on the 28th of this month, we in Caledonia will be treated to a "parade". This is not a standard event of this nature with marching bands and floats; no, "parade" is a euphemism for "protest march".

One of the organizers of this event is Tom Keefer, a York University graduate student in the Department of Political Science. To view more about the "parade" organizer see Read some of the papers he has authored- it will be a sobering experience.

Actually, the robot from Lost in Space says it best: "Danger, Will Robinson, danger.”

Marxists and their sympathizers likely to be in attendance include radical trade unionists, professional protesters and most disturbing of all- anarchists may be included in this throng. If correct, then the same anti-government thugs may be "hidden" among the others. These are the criminals who disrupted the G20 Summit, and think nothing of vandalizing local businesses and creating what encapsulates their agenda- chaos.

So, here we go again. The "parade" does not have permits. If you believe that the stated name for the march, "Peace, Respect and Friendship" bears any reality to the words, think again. These people have an agenda and we (collectively now known as "settlers") are to be at the receiving end of their anti-establishment aims and aspirations. DCE is just a matter of convenience to them.

So prepare for 50 or so bus loads of "activists" (estimate from Jim Windle, Tekawennake, March 28, 2012, page 5) to descend on Caledonia on April 28.

Be advised that the OPP will not address the lack of permits- I asked. If this is not a real parade with official approval, what would happen if citizens just went about their business? The route is from Edinburgh Square along Argyle Street to the DCE (now named Kanonhstaton- despite the documented fact that this property is no different from any other within Oneida Township- but that is the subject for another day). I plan to take my usual drive along Argyle to see one of my grandchildren.

My maternal family is descended from the Bear Clan Aghstawenseronta family of Upper Mohawks and I am embarrassed that my Six Nations cousins would permit this travesty, and set up Caledonia to once again bear the brunt of the agendas of others.

I remind everyone, "Danger, Will Robinson, danger.” Take precautions, be proactive, stand together.