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What’s April 28 march really about?

Mayor's Chair

Mayor Ken Hewitt
Published on Apr 17, 2012 the Sachem

Regardless of what you may think of this march on April 28, the organizers want you to think that it is a celebration for peace, friendship and respect. It is interesting that the march organizers have chosen those ideals to be the theme of this idea.

Isn’t a celebration usually something that all participants would agree on and largely want to participate in? Most people of Caledonia are not celebrating the anniversary of DCE, because to date there is nothing to celebrate. It represents an entirely different image and therefore poses a challenge to expect the people to support this event.

Peace- the idea of peace would again, expect that groups within the community are of the same mind and that everyone agrees to the premise of this march. Having people that diametrically oppose the theme of this march and its route alone threatens the very idea of peace. Organizers may say they are not there to cause trouble, yet they are unwilling to heed to our concerns.

Friendship- suggests that we as a community embrace the idea of foreign people coming into and hijacking our town for their purpose and at the expense of those living and doing business here. I do not see anything about this that would lead to friendship.

Respect- interesting that this theme comes up given that the march contradicts everything about respect for the people of this town. The organizers are guilty of the very same idea that they say they are representing. Respect for treaties, respect for Native culture, but they do not give a damn about respecting the concerns of the people of Caledonia.

Since speaking with the organizers of this event, and trying to understand their true agenda, asking them if the theme was actually about celebration, peace, friendship and respect, then why would they not consider a different route to actually recognize those very words they say they represent?

I am asking for emails, letters from residents, businesses, organizations, anyone who feels as this Council does regarding this march. You can send me your emails and letters to