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Business not held to same standards

The Sachem

July 9, 2013

Prior to Ken Hewitt being the mayor, he publicly claimed to be against two tier justice.

He even started a petition against the OPP and Commissioner Julian Fantino. Many people believed he had the courage to stand up against this injustice. However, Hewitt has turned out to be a hypocrite.

For over a year, an illegal building, which was built by Natives at the #6 bypass, is now open selling food with no permits, no enforcement of by-laws, no inspections by the health department and no inspections by the fire department.

All the laws that every other business has to obey are suddenly not being enforced under Hewitt’s leadership, solely because the owners of this illegal business are Native.

Sorry Hewitt, but you have betrayed the people of Haldimand.

This is not his only betrayal because he repeatedly told people he was against the wind mills until he secretly made a deal with Samsung and did a commercial for them- the only mayor in Ontario to do so.

All citizens in Haldimand deserve to know that Natives are being forced to obey the same laws that everyone else has to.

Gary McHale,
president of CANACE (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality)