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Many being paid for jobs not being done

The Sachem

July 9, 2013

The transformation of the Caledonia Kinsmen Park is spectacular- hats off to Ron and Nancy Clark.

The downtown, while not exactly bad, is an example of style over substance. A shopping district needs shoppers. With parking space already at a premium, reducing it won’t help business. But it does look good.
Then there’s the discount shopping (site) at the south end of Argyle Street. Yes, it looks bad, but looks aren’t everything.

As taxpayers, we employ people who hang “Closed” signs on restaurants that don’t comply with regulations, and force church suppers to be prepared in government-approved kitchens to ensure food safety. We employ people who stop construction of buildings if the builder hasn’t paid the required fees and obtained the required permits. We employ people that shut down businesses if fire safety rules aren’t followed. We employ an elected mayor and Ward 4 councillor who supposedly act in the best interest of the County. We employ something called the OPP, which is defined as a law enforcement agency. None of these people are doing their job, yet are still being paid- by us!

(I understand) the bylaw officer refused to visit the (site).

I like the bylaw officer, but I’d like her more if she’d do her job. (Perhaps she’s just trying to fit in.) If she is concerned about her safety, she can request a police escort, which can’t be refused. The building itself went up a year ago. If the building inspector was doing his job, it would have been gone long ago. The OPP has been waiting seven years for the right moment to pounce on the illegal smoke shack. The Normandy Invasion took less planning!

The ever-growing, well-paid army of government workers is MIA on this file. If we, the taxpayers, don’t demand change, we won’t get it.

Doug Fleming,