Last updated: Aug. 22, 2007
Michael Bryant
Minister of Aboriginal Affairs - YouTube messages

Your taxpayers money hard at work - anything to avoid speaking directly to residents

Residents of Caledonia reply to Mr. Bryant

These are the people the Government are afraid to meet with.

Videos Created by Us

The Empire controls Haldimand Council

OPP Style Justice in Ontario

Shawn Brant: Terrorist?


Videos Created by Other Associated with Us

We are NOT Terrorists

March for Freedom

Canada at the CrossRoads

March for Freedom

Jan 20 - Voice of the People


Videos Created by Our Viewers

I Remember

I am Canadian


Oct 4 - Video of Natives in 100ft no-go zone

Sep 20 - Natives now building Military Bunkers and Guard Towers on DCE land

Aug 22 - Night Lights

Aug 8 -  video of Lady in Lawn Chair being arrested

I Remember

March for Freedom

Justice in Ontario - Support the Troops

Bad Day

Welcome to Caledonia

O Canada

Caledonia Scream

The Angry Scot Videos
The Brantford Videos

CaledoniaWakeupCall is not racist
Ipperwash Murders
Show me the money
The Ken Hewitt blank cheque
Canada is not a country
Equality under the law
Lets fight
Two Tier Justice
Violence on DCE

These Videos are posted for PUBLIC SAFETY reasons - we should beware of the true danger. Our Governments have been Lying to us about this Danger.

Copies of these Videos have been sent to CSIS and York Regional Police.

WARNING: The posted videos do contain disturbing images and explicit language. They also contain PROOF of encourage extreme violence, killing and terrorism. These videos could be seen as proof for a

Native Supremacy Movement

Brantford Injunction

Stirling ReMix

Mohawk Warriors


TEXT of Dialogue

More KKKanada


Killing for Land

911 Justified